• void OPstart ( int argc, char* args )
Begins the game cycle.
This function is responsible for several actions. It creates an
OPtimer instance, and invokes the function pointer OPinitialize() to
perform user defined initializations. Once initialized, the game loop
is started. The timer instance is updated on each iteration and passed
to the OPupdate function pointer. The game loop runs until OPend() is
called. At which point the OPdestroy() function pointer is called and
and clean up is performed.
  • void OPstartStepped ( int argc, char* args )
  • void OPend ( )
Ends the game cycle.
This function sets an internal flag which will cease the game loop.
and result in the termination and clean up of all user code and
  • OPtimer* OPgetTime ( )
Gets the current OPtimer being used by the engine
  • OPchar* OPgetStartupDir ( )
  • OPchar* OPgetExecutableDir ( )