• void* Entities
  • OPint* InUse
  • OPint EntSize
  • OPint MaxIndex
  • OPuint* Size
  • OPuint Capacity
  • OPminHeap Free



  • void OPentHeapActivate ( OPentHeap* heap, OPint* i )
Fills the pointer i with the index of the activated entity in the EntHeap
  • void* OPentHeapGet ( OPentHeap* heap, OPint i )
Get an indexed entity out of an EntHeap
  • void OPentHeapKill ( OPentHeap* heap, OPint i )
Kill off an entity in an EntHeap. It will be re-used when OPentHeapActivate is called.
  • OPuint OPentHeapBytes ( OPint entsize, OPint count )
Gets the size required to create an EntHeap
  • OPentHeap* OPentHeapCreate ( void* segPtr, OPint entSize, OPint count )
Creates an EntHeap